Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee

Mr Zeng Chen was appointed chairman of CITIC Pacific Ltd in July 2019.

Mr Zeng joined CITIC Group in 1989. He is currently chairman of CITIC Australia, where he has worked for many years. At CITIC Australia, he played a pivotal role in CITIC’s investments in Macarthur Coal Limited and Alumina Limited, for which he is non-executive director. In 2014, Mr Zeng was appointed CEO of CITIC Pacific Mining, the developer and operator of CITIC’s Sino Iron project, the largest magnetite, mining, processing and export operation in Australia. In 2019, he also assumed the role of chairman of this company.

Before taking up his current position at CITIC Pacific, Mr Zeng was an executive director of CITIC Limited, vice chairman and chief executive officer of CITIC Resources Holdings Limited, as well as a non-executive director of CITIC Dameng Holdings Limited (now known as South Manganese Investment Limited), Marathon Resources Limited (now known as Leigh Creek Energy Limited) and Macarthur Coal Limited. He was also a director of CITIC Group Corporation.

At CITIC Pacific, Mr Zeng is chairman of the executive committee, investment committee, and remuneration committee. He also serves as chairman of Dah Chong Hong and CITIC Pacific China Holdings Limited.

Mr Zeng studied at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in international finance.