CITIC Pacific Energy invests in and manages power plants in China with a total installed capacity of 8,000MW with supporting businesses that extend across the industrial supply chain from mining and shipping to power sales and heat supply. The company also invests in green energy businesses including solar and wind power generation.


Coal-fired Power Generation

Our coal-fired power plants include Jiangsu Ligang Power Plant, one of the largest coal-fired power plants in China, Hebei Hanfeng Power Plant, Inner Mongolia Shenglu Power Plant and Jiangsu Huaibei Go-On Power Plant with a total installed capacity of 8,000MW. We have also established an end-to-end supply chain through our electricity sales business, which has developed long-term partnerships with major electricity users.

Heat Supply

In addition to power generation, our coal power plants supply heat for industrial and residential purposes as a complementary product stream. Currently, we can supply more than 8 million tonnes of heat per year.

Coal Mining

Supporting our core coal-fired power generation business, we own a 30% interest in Xin Julong Coal Mine in Shandong Province, which uses state-of-the-art mining technologies and equipment to supply high quality, low sulphur and low ash coking coal using a custom blending process.


Jiangsu Lidian Shipping Co., Ltd. is one of the largest shipping companies in Jiangsu Province, specialising in coal transport with a bulk carrier capacity of over 530,000DWT. We have also developed CITIC Jiangyin Port in partnership with China National Coal Group to build a versatile and environmentally friendly bulk cargo terminal along the Yangtze River.

Solar Power Generation

The company has also invested with high-tech partner, Jolywood (300393.SH), to develop photovoltaic pilot projects in Taizhou and Tianjin. In Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, we built and operate an 11.7MW distributed PV power plant and are developing a 47MW project that will be used as a pilot for the direct sale of electricity. In Tianjin, we built and currently operate a 20MW PV power plant.

Wind power generation

In 2017, CITIC Pacific and ITOCHU acquired a 22.5% equity interest in an offshore wind farm in Germany on the North Sea that has 80 3.6MW wind turbines and a total installed capacity of 288MW. Additionally, we built and operate a distributed wind power generation project in Jiangsu Province that has an installed capacity of 4.4MW.

V-Power Group

CITIC Pacific is the shareholder and strategic partner of V-Power Group (1608.HK). The company is one of the world's leading gen-set system integration providers in emerging markets and one of the largest distributed power station owners and operators in Southeast Asia.